Infocus Analytics

InFocus Analytics offers data and analytics expertise specialising in retail, highly relevant for both retailers and brands.

We help your business understand your customers and your competitive environment by developing data driven solutions to suit your needs, and applying analytical techniques to create relevant and actionable insights.

We deliver our services on a robust, enterprise-level SaaS platform. 
Competitor Price Tracking:

Compare retail prices between suppliers over time across a range of consumer products. Directly compare the prices of your products, against the prices set by your competitors for the same products.

Product & Pricing Analytics:
Understand how product ranges and brand mix change over time. Pinpoint the effects of seasonality on specific products, categories and pricing for your own business and that of your competitors.  
Promotional Analytics:

Determine how to optimise your promotional strategy by using InFocus tools to analyse competitor promotional activity. Establish how your own promotions performed over time using historical data, to inform future activity and identify opportunities to improve retail operations.

Competitor Range Analytics:
Stay informed about the stock dynamics of the major retailers, including new product launches and product de-ranging in your category.