Family Insights

Family Insights


Family Insights offers families complete protection and peace of mind across all mobile devices inside and outside the home by analyzing children’s online activity across any mobile carrier or public WIFI network; at home, at a friend’s house, or on any other public network.

Wangle’s best in class VPN, has created a platform that gives parents the power to analyse children’s online activity and detect emerging threats, in real time. It then offers families evidence-backed educational resources to help them understand today’s risks and to learn how to safely navigate the internet.

Australia’s youth use mobile devices to access the internet more than any other type of electronic device. While screentime is dedicated to education, entertainment, and social interaction, the internet is not always safe. Digital addiction, cyberbullying, and online predators are growing concerns and have created the need for effective child protection software. 

Childhood development researchers believe that existing approaches such as blocking or spyware are problematic and ineffective. Blocking gives parents the false impression that they’ve successfully restricted dangerous content, whilst spyware enables parents to read specific content; both approaches erode trust and force children to be more secretive online, leaving parents unaware of the risks their children could be facing.



The Family Insights app was designed to address these issues, to help parents and children maintain trust, and to empower and educate both parents and children about online safety. 


• Protection: Manage all of your children across all of their mobile devices from the parent portal

• Mobile Monitoring: Our app monitor internet access across all mobile carrier and WIFI networks on up to 20 different family devices

• Real-time Analysis: We monitor internet traffic in real time and send alerts to parents as soon as threats are identified

• Alerts & Education: Alerts include information on identified threats, suggestions on how to approach them, and supporting resources for parents

• Time Gating: Control the hours of the day you want your children to access the internet

• GPS Gating: Set alerts for parents when children move away from the family home

• Track Usage: See detailed information including most used apps, time spent gaming or on social media and even recent GPS locations

• Ongoing Research: Collaborating with researchers, internet behaviours are continuously analysed for new threats and to optimise the platform

Family Insights is available now on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

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